Working in a Long Hours Culture (Part 5): Where do we go from here?

What we've covered so far

This is the final part in our series on working in a long hours culture. If you are still with us, thank you! We have come a long way, so let’s recap.

I have suggested that the pressure we feel to put in the hours can either come from within ourselves or externally.

We looked at the one key element of any job that we must focus on if we want to make a difference and feel any sense of achievement.

To do this we must create, and jealousy guard, space in our schedules where we can give our focused attention to what I call ‘high leverage’ tasks. This requires a discipline, a determination, even a ruthlessness, to exclude interruptions, manage our energy and make sure that when we are at our best we focus on the work that really matters.

Last time we looked at some practical tips to structure our day and our week to ensure that the important doesn’t get eclipsed by the urgent, and I encouraged you to experiment with one of two of these and develop some habits around them.

Systems and processes only take you so far

All that said, there is a danger in reading, and writing, about these kinds of issues that we think there is a secret formula, a magic bullet, or we just need to find the perfect system, and all will be well.