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John Foster

Connection to Yorkshire Accord

John is an Yorkshire Accord Alumni and was involved with Yorkshire Accord for several years until he left his position as Deputy Principal/Chief Financial Officer at Wakefield College.

He remains an active supporter of our scheme. He has hosted workshops for our coaches and contributes to our blog, and discussion forum

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Coaching & Mentoring Interests

His particular coaching interest is in helping people work more effectively and productively.  He runs workshops on this theme and publishes a monthly blog at on leadership and personal effectiveness.  He undertakes occasional consulting work.

Background & Experience

After some years as a hospital manager, a career begun straight from school, John trained as an accountant and worked for a firm of chartered accountants for a number of years. He remained in the private sector for several more years, in management consulting, before returning to the public sector. He has since held senior roles in central government (the MoD), in education, and then back in the NHS.  These roles have included Finance Director/Deputy Chief Executive of a Primary Care Trust and several chief financial officer/finance director positions. 

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