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Karen Hickman

Connection to Yorkshire Accord

Karen has been the project leader for Yorkshire Accord since 2010. She has regular contact with all members involved and delivers training & supervision support to coaches / mentors throughout the year. 

Coaching & Mentoring Interests

As a programme manager, coach and trainer of coaches, Karen has a broad interest in all aspects of Coaching & Mentoring. She is particularly passionate about personal leadership and helping people understand and fully utilise their talents.

Background & Experience

With 20-years’ experience of working inside organisations to support the development of people and services Karen set up her own business in 2010 and is now the Queen Bee and owner of The Coaching Bug. This is a position that allows her freedom to do the work she loves and make meaningful contributions to individuals, business and her local community. 

She is an experienced Coach and when she is not working with her coach clients she spends much of her time supporting the growth and accreditation of new and developing coaches. 

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