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Intake 1  of 2023 (Relationships due to commence in January 2023

GDPR Statement:

The information in this form will only be used for the purpose of selection, matching and coordination within the Coaching & Mentoring Scheme. The full content of this form will only be shared with the Scheme Leader, the Scheme Administrator and Organisational Coordinators. 

Your name, job title, organisation, and contact details will be released to potential coachee/mentee matches.

Section 1 -  About You
Section 2 -  Your Skills & Qualities

You do not need to have formal experience of Coaching & Mentoring to apply to the scheme and we will develop and support individuals who wish to Coach & Mentor. However, there are some skills and qualities which we expect you to be able to demonstrate and develop through training, should you be successful in your application.

Below is an overview of our Coach & Mentor Skills Framework for effective Coach/Mentors. Please refer to page 13 of the ‘Information for Applicants Booklet’ for more details on the specific skills required.

Cluster 1 - Ability to demonstrate

  • Communication

  • Establishing trust-based relationships

  • Lifelong learning

  • Personal organisation & commitment

  • Supporting learning & developing others

Cluster 2 – Willing to develop

  • Ethical & professional practice

  • Establishing Coaching & Mentoring agreement

  • Maintaining own presence in coaching & mentoring

  • Supporting progress and achievements

Section 1 -  Your Skills & Qualities

There are different entry routes for applicant Coach/Mentors (please refer to the ‘Information for Applicants Booklet’ for more information). It is an essential requirement that those with little or no formal experience or training in this area attend our Coaching & Mentoring Skills course before they can undertake the role of Coach/Mentor.


Please note that our course is currently running online and includes the need to engage in study activites in your own time, these will be complemented by live online seminars and coaching practice sessions to supplement and consolidate your learning. You must be able to attend the live sessions to secure your place.

Thank you for your application, your form will now be sent to your organisational co-ordinator Sharon Devlin for approval. Please contact Sharon if you have any questions or would like to discuss your application further. Please remember we require your line manager approval to progress this application, and this is an essential part of out process.

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