Celebrating 21 years of Partnership

It’s been our pleasure to work with so many amazing people and support their development - we know from the feedback we get that we've had, and continue to have, an important part to play in building the skills and confidence of those staff who work for our partner organisations.


As part of our 21st Anniversary Celebrations we're keen to try to capture the stories of those who have worked with us.


We'd like to hear from any of our current or past participants - whether you still work for one of our partner organisations, have moved on to pastures new, or have since retired. Whatever your involvement, if you have a story you can share with us, we would REALLY love to hear from you!

We can tell other people about what we do, but it’s your stories that convey the real impact of our work!

Did our scheme have a positive impact on you and the people or services you support?

Could you write a blog for us?

  • We're probably talking around 300 words accompanied, of course, by a lovely picture of you.


Maybe record a video?

  • If you feel comfortable why not record a short piece straight to camera, 5 mins should do it!

The image below provides some ideas about themes you might include, but really we just want to hear about your experience, in your own authentic voice, telling the story you feel happy to share with others on our website.

Whats your Story image.png
Tips for Structuring Your Story
  • Give it a title: This should give readers/watchers an idea of what your story is about and be something that grabs their attention. 

  • Include an introduction:  Tell us a bit about yourself, where you work and how you were involved in our scheme.

  • The main body:  Present the main points you want to get across, those which really highlight your own experience, and which others might be interested in learning about. If it helps use subheadings to create added structure.

  • The conclusion: Pull everything together and bring your story to an inspiring end!


If you would like to see how others have approached this task in the past we have a few examples published on our website so feel free to take a look here:


If you can help, please get in touch

Contact Karen Hickman

E; Karen@yorkshireaccord.co.uk

Contact Karen Hickman

E; Karen@yorkshireaccord.co.uk

If you can help, please get in touch